Photos: Platte County 35, Winnetonka 0

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  1. 219 photos are a great collection of action in the the game, crowd, student body and cheer leaders. I especially liked the pictures of the players standing at attention for the national anthem.

    I do have one point of interest that I discovered as I scroll thru all the pictures. The number of action shots for the offensive line(2 tackles, 2 guards and the center) amounted to approximately a dozen shots. The cheerleaders had more than that. Those young bust there butt on every play and never here there name mentioned. I have seen tremendous blocks make where that put there opponent flat on there back. I wish I could see a series of pictures showing players delivering blocks and pulling to be in front on the runner or blocking down field after they completed there line block.

    Thank you for all you do and we are all very blessed to have this kind of great sports coverage

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